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I have never been nominated for any social media challenge so this is definitely a first for me! So, thanks to Nizreena Ismail for nominating me for the ’10 Book Challenge’! But here’s the strange thing, I’ve never actually finished any book that I’ve ever started reading and I can rather name 20 books that I started reading but then got bored and moved on to something else!

All my life, I’ve rather preferred reading books of facts/records, almanacs, comic books (loads of them!), news papers, magazines and more recently biographies! So here’s my slightly quirky list of 10 publications that I prefer the most:

1. Archie Comics 

This was actually the first item that came to my mind when I sat down to jot down this list. I probably read thousands of Archie comics while growing up. I probably borrowed new editions these from everyone I knew and loved to follow the lives of Archie and his friends in Riverdale!


2. The Big Book Of Knowledge (or Facts)

Although I can’t really recall the exact name of the book but this used to be my best friend through my early years in school and at one time my sole source of information for everything!

3. Reader’s Digest

I can’t even recall how many editions of Reader’s Digest I have read over the years! Love everything about the publication!

This handout photo obtained 16 November

4. The Guinness Book Of Records

Yes, I am one of those people who loves to keep track of all sorts of weird and strange world records that are included in the annual edition of this publication. Although I don’t currently have the latest edition on my bookshelf but I still follow their website and TV show with the same passion!


5. Time Magazine

My dad used to have a subscription to Time Magazine when I was in school and there was a point in my life when I was 15/16 and read almost every edition from cover to cover! Needless to say, I am still a big fan and love reading their articles even today!


6. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson 

Finally, a book in my list! I am currently in the middle of reading Steve Jobs’ amazing biography and this might actually be the first book I ever finish reading! The story of Jobs’ life is truly inspirational and a definite read!


7. Young World 

I grew up reading Young World, the weekly children’s editions of Pakistan’s daily newspaper Dawn. I waited patiently every week for this and would read every article in it whether it was relevant to me or not!


8. Cricinfo

This is one website I visit almost every day, not only to check up on cricket scores but also to read their cricket blogs, articles and list of records. I am specially a big fan of Cricinfo Page 2’s cartoons.

9. The Wisden Cricketer’s Almanac

As can be noted from the previous entries on this list, I love cricket and I love reading about records so this is an automatic selection for me! I loved going to libraries and reading old Cricket Almanacs. I also own the 2014 edition of the almanac! Yes, the one with Sachin on the cover!


10. Mehergarh: The Oldest Civilization in South Asia by Muhammad Usman Hasan

This book was written by my grand father and was published in the early 90’s when I was very young so it is a slight cheat that it is on this list because I never actually read the book but my grand father is the inspiration to so many things in my life including my passion for writing that it just had to be on this list! I flipped through the pages of this book many times as a kid and seeing Baba’s name on the cover made me want to do something similar! Here’s to wishing that I get to achieve even an iota of what he did during his life.


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